Clone Kratom Fast!!!

hello and thanks for stopping by I’m going to be setting up an experiment tonight using four different methods to clone kratom and I’m going to see which one works best so I’m going to be using the vermiculite a potting mix for light and the rock wall and here are four of the methods here so I have four different cuttings and they’re all from the bumblebee strain and I’m going to be using clone x it’s a routing gel and it looks like this just the purple slime I recommend using it in another container so you don’t get any contaminants into your main container and after i get the cuttings in now what I in also for the cuttings I used a razor blade to cut them off the plants instead of scissors so you don’t crush the stem and you can definitely see a difference when you do that and compare it to two different ways so yours reviews the razor blade get your cuttings I want to dip em in the rooting hormone will let this down and then I’m going to put them in my humidity tank and it’s just a Tupperware container I bought an air pump down there drilled a couple holes in here and then I put some water in there and here is a green male that I’m trying too hard right now and it broke back up and then humidity in here is little over 80 and it will stay that way consistently so after i get these prepared i’ll put them in the tank and then I want to check on them and give some updates and then we’ll see which way works best so please subscribe if you want the update don’t forget to give me the thumbs up and please give me some comments especially if you have tried these methods or any other methods so we can figure out which way works best alright well thanks for stopping by [Music]