How to grow Kratom (Tips for taking cuttings)

hey guys thanks for stopping by and checking out the video today what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how I take cuttings from the credit plant I want to let you know it’s work that’s for me and what didn’t work so good I got an email from a gentleman asking how long it should wait until we can start taking some cuttings so I figured hey I’ll just make a quick video and I can just show you in Fri way easier to me explain it in a email visible we plant about five months old and I guess right off the bat they’ve the age I mean to three months if you can start taking cuttings from them just I wouldn’t take too much because it will put some stress on the younger plant but definitely I mean after that three-month period on these things grow pretty quick you’ll be okay we just show you the quick growth rate on these things how it works so you have your main stem here at each node you will have a stem that’s going to go up with two leaves and continue to go straight up and then two side branches come out and they’ll just go straight out and they will do the same thing that this main stem does so what I would not do is take your cutting from your main stuff [Music] and the reason you don’t want to do that is because mainly you have these side branches coming out and when I’ve taken cuttings from plants and they have the side branches and I just take the cutting nothing will grow straight back up so I don’t have I don’t have any instances where that happened for me so I’d even try it then okay well let me take the branches off and the top of it and it’s known as the whole plant so I would not try that it is too much of a risk I take most of my cuttings from your side branches because if you mess that up you got your plants going to continue to grow straight up and more branches are going to come out so we’ll look at these branches here like I said it does the same thing so at your nodes these side branches came out to stem going up this one only you know one branch came out and at this one no branches came out so that’s what I look for I look for an area where it doesn’t have any side branches and this if I can find one on this one this would even be a good exemplar to so at this note he had the two side branches continuing to grow out but at this node here no side branches so I would take a cutting from right here and try to leave the leaves just be real careful use your razor blade go on one side the other side and do it that way now found more success if you leave these two leaves there then if you don’t I mean I don’t know why but I just noticed that you have more success if you do that so I would do that and now if you wanted to top this plant like I’ve done a couple times see if you can get two stems that come up you just have to wait for your plant to look like this so here my two branches coming out the sides going up but breathe here I didn’t get any side branches so if you want to top your plant this would be the one kind of instance here that you would want to do it you got your two leaves just keep them leave there cut it here then you’ll have a very good cutting I mean there’s a cutting coming from a top usually does better than a smaller cutting from the side branch and if you you get your cutting from here and I did it on this plant here you’ll get your two stems that will come up and these things will grow up straight up and then do the same thing and here’s another example here for some reason this plant didn’t have branches on this node so I said okay let me just take it see what happens so you can see that two stems are coming up it’s grown really fast so this was good this is a success what it doesn’t always happen so you’re taking a big risk if you do that to your plant if you have a few extra like I do that you can experiment with then I would say yes drop short try it and then I also just this one I just was taking a bunch of cuttings from for some reason and then everyone I’m getting birth coming pretty good pretty fast and you’re down there okay well I’m down here actually noticed I’ve taken a cutting from this plant and it’s probably been a week or so ago enough time to where you would normally start to see your growth coming back in and this one is not this was the exact example where it’s high probability you’re going to get new growth coming in but for whatever reason this one crapped out and it stops so just keep that in mind if you want to take cuttings from your plants make sure it’s in an area that you’re willing to lose because it may not grow back and I definitely understand the feeling when you have your new plant you only get a couple and you’re worried about them dying and you want to just get a couple cuttings so you have some backups to come in but please be careful with them if you have any questions please put them in the comments I’ll get back is no problem and thanks for stopping by hope this helped [Music]