How to grow Kratom with ease

hello thanks for stopping by today I’m going to go over a simple technique I use to harden my plants after the original rooting phase unfortunately when you root these things they have to be an extremely high humidity and then the next most difficult stage is actually hard them to the climate that they’re going to be in so they come out of the humidity tank I got them and you know they look good but you set them up where you want to they start going limp pretty quick so I just get a Tupperware container and once they start going limp put them in a Tupperware container engage their cheap dealing from any pet store than just a bottle to sprout and just simply give them a quick little mess [Music] or your lid on and keep them under the light and then the the plants will harden rate up and then just give them some time so once they harden up then just take the lid off give them a little bit more air humidity will decrease in there and once they start going then put the lid back on until they harden up and you just gradually get them acclimated until finally they’re not going to need to be in the container and you can put them where you want I found this to be the easiest I’ve tried the bag method but it just can be kind of a pain in the ass at times so I try to make it simpler and this is it by a container you put them in the container slide the lid you put the lid back on and voila within within a few days I’m able to get these things completely out of the container and then watch the new growth begin thanks for stopping Bobby don’t forget to subscribe if you want the updates Thanks