How to make your own Kratom

hey guys thanks for stopping by and checking out the video this is my second kratom harvest from my own tree and there yup they’re about four and a half months old and this time I picked enough to where I could dry enough powder to do it by itself first one I only was able to get about three and a half grams so I had to mix my own with some stuff I bought and it did work fun so grant program it was just as potent in my opinion so I know there’s been some discussion whether it’s worth it or not to have your own and as far as potency it seemed okay to me now I don’t doubt that this stuff you get from Indonesia enough in trees 30 years old those leaves are probably going to be a lot stronger but this is fresh and this by the time you get this stuff from overseas you don’t know how old it is so I’m sure it loses potency over time so I mean they store cream the vain color varies even on the same plant I’ve seen the same plan have wait wait veins pink beans red beans yellow veins so and it’s the same one of the different varieties that I have two so I haven’t figured that one out like what conditions are going to cause the vein to turn a different color I think it has to do with conditions as opposed to what kind of creative tree it is so I’m working on that see if I can figure that one out and then these over here are some of my rooted cuttings and they are growing like champs in here and if anyone wants to pick one up to please shoot me an email it’s it’s Phil not bill at shoot me an email I’ll get back to you usually within the same day you send it okay well about a day and a half under the lights on a string and it drives them out just fine so next I’ll be vein them and then I’ll throw them in a coffee grinder and see how much powder I get this time okay I deveined everything I got here didn’t take long about five minutes [Music] [Music] all right total came out to eight point six six grams okay well the answer is it works just as good as the stuff you buy from overseas so I would say the only difference is is that the onset hits really fast with it and then with that it kind of burns pretty quick too but source potencies I don’t see a difference with it the only negative thing I could say is it takes a lot please so for you to be able to sustain enough for yourself you’d have to have a shit ton of plants what it’s a cool little hobby and again thanks for stopping by and watching the video