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How to make your own Kratom

hey guys thanks for stopping by and checking out the video this is my second kratom harvest from my own tree and there yup they’re about four and a half months old and this time I picked enough to where I could dry enough powder to do it by itself first one I only was [...] Read more

Update on how to clone Kratom fast (19 days in)

okay this is a follow-up to my original video of how to clone kratom fast so I used four different techniques it’s been 19 days so I’m going to take the cuttings out see how to root development looking and I just used the topsoil on this one rock wool vermiculite and perlite and I [...] Read more

Clone Kratom Fast!!!

hello and thanks for stopping by I’m going to be setting up an experiment tonight using four different methods to clone kratom and I’m going to see which one works best so I’m going to be using the vermiculite a potting mix for light and the rock wall and here are four of the methods [...] Read more

How to grow Kratom (Tips for taking cuttings)

hey guys thanks for stopping by and checking out the video today what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how I take cuttings from the credit plant I want to let you know it’s work that’s for me and what didn’t work so good I got an email from a gentleman [...] Read more

How to grow Kratom with ease

hello thanks for stopping by today I’m going to go over a simple technique I use to harden my plants after the original rooting phase unfortunately when you root these things they have to be an extremely high humidity and then the next most difficult stage is actually hard them to the climate that they’re [...] Read more