Update on how to clone Kratom fast (19 days in)

okay this is a follow-up to my original video of how to clone kratom fast so I used four different techniques it’s been 19 days so I’m going to take the cuttings out see how to root development looking and I just used the topsoil on this one rock wool vermiculite and perlite and I tried to do this cutting gear and save the leaves on it but they’ve been druvan the whole time so I’m going to have to trim those [Music] alright let’s check out the results this cutting was from the topsoil and it’s starting to work it’s magic and it looks like they’re going to start coming out soon but no visible roots this one was from the rockwool [Music] and then again I can tell it’s it’s just about there but nothing visible and then we come over here to the vermiculite and sorry got too close to [Music] a lot of roots coming through on that one and then the winner is the cutting that went into the perlite so as you can see that one is going to do well [Music] all right well thanks for stopping by and checking out the channel so I hope this helps if you’re interested in cloning kratom or I’m sure it would probably be the same results in other plants but I normally use rockwool so I’m obviously going to start changing up the technique here the other thing I’ll just note about the pearlite is it doesn’t hold water well so you do have to mist it frequently so once once a day once every two days just put a little water in it but it will dry out pretty quick so make it like I didn’t have to do anything with it it’s still moist it holds the moisture in it [Music]